Heights Peak is committed to keep you wondering: Where is this going?

By combining the finer things in life like…Kenny Loggins and a decent burrito…with the bottomless mineshaft of tones, the band is best known for the element of non compos mentis.

The dwelling,The place has it own devil,Monster in haunted house

Now that is clear, are you ready to take inventory of sonic reality? Is this really about you though? Where is this going?

If you’ve made it this far, then you know the answer.

The most challenging part of Heights Peak is remembering what you played last time around.  Each pass is something new and usually chaotic.  To the uneducated, it might not even sound like real music!

- Various Ex Bandmates

Born and bred in the desire to fill a sonic void, this Ottawa 5-piece band builds an impression of time and space that only a mother could (but still may not….) love.

Driven through the creation of what many call noise, the bandmates chosen to represent Heights Peak have the odds stacked squarely against them:

Undercut and forgotten by the Mr. & Ms. Big Wig record executives, Heights Peak won’t stop crafting pitches of dark.

Our journey rests with the unknown.

A sound for the future. And a sound for the past…

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